Taking Care of our Children

An Inclusive School

At Margaretting we believe that all children should be given opportunities to help them flourish. All staff complete termly safeguarding training and do their utmost to support children in whatever they may need. Any child who may be considered vulnerable is discussed with relevant staff and checked on regularly by senior leaders. Midday assistants also support the children well at lunchtimes. Excellent teaching across the school means that all children make good progress and interventions are put in place for the pupils who need them.

A range of clubs are offered to all children as well as exciting and diverse opportunities. For example, children have entered various sporting and dance competitions, have performed in a real theatre and sang in front of huge audiences. As a school, we are passionate about developing children’s talents and confidence.

In our school we believe we support all children including those who are vulnerable. Families are aware that they are able to come to staff with any issues they may have regarding their child, knowing that the problem will be handled with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Mrs O’Regan and Miss Bryan are the designated safeguarding leaders at Margaretting School and Mrs Rosam is our SENCo, so please do not hesitate to speak to any of these members of staff if you are concerned about a vulnerable child.

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