At Margaretting C of E Primary School we offer an inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum which is designed to give children the knowledge and skills to prepare them for the next stage in their education. Our curriculum is embedded in creativity and relevant links are made in each unit of work so children are immersed in a particular topic. Children experience educational visits and themed days which enhance their learning experiences and create intrigue and fascination. 

In Reception, children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. Years 1-6 follow the National Curriculum.

Phonics is taught through the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. Children read the Oxford Reading Tree scheme of books to develop their early literacy skills.

Our RE curriculum is set within the broader intent of the whole school curriculum. It is designed to support pupils in learning about the potential impact of RE on their lives so that they can flourish in a changing world.

As a Church school, parents and pupils are entitled to expect that Christianity will be the majority religion studied in each year group and that this should be at least 50% of curriculum time. Nevertheless, parents and pupils should also expect to study a broad range of other religions and world views.

Over the course of their time in school, in addition to the study of Christianity, pupils will study in detail two other principal world religions: Islam and Judaism. They will also learn about other world religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.

By studying the three Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, pupils will gain a strong understanding these religions’ linked history. Although other religions may have larger numbers of followers, the global spread and influence of Islam and Judaism, along with frequent reference to them in news and current affairs, mean that they are integral to preparing our pupils for life in modern Britain.

Teaching and learning in RE will be rooted in three key disciplines: theology, philosophy and the human/ social sciences.

As our children are taught in mixed age year groups, our curriculum runs on a two yearly cycle. Click the classes tab to see the long term plans for each of the classes and photographs of the children experiencing the curriculum in action!

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