Smudge – Our School Cat

We’re so lucky at our school that we have our very own school cat! His name is Smudge and he was a rescue cat from the Cats Protection. He came to our school in May 2016, and although we didn’t know exactly how old he was when we arrived we think he was around 18 months.

When he was found, poor Smudge was covered in fleas and had an injury to his paw from being run over. He was taken to the vets and they had to amputate one of his toes on his back left paw, it was thought he might lose his leg but thankfully he recovered.

When Smudge was found he was very feral and would hiss and spit and anyone who went near him, but once his paw healed and the fleas were gone he immediately changed into a gentle, loving cat, which is when he arrived at our school. We think he is a bit like the cat in the story ‘Six Dinner Sid’ as he has made friends with all the neighbours. Our clever cat has learnt the art of begging by lifting his paw up when he’d like some food!