Margaretting Awarded Intermediate Level International School Award from British Council

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Intermediate Level International School Award from the British Council. This award demonstrates how our school use a wide variety of international activities in different curriculum areas which reach the required number of students, and which are curriculum based and inclusive and engaging for our students.

Judges said:

All partner school countries have been researched by your students which gives them a wide variety of cultures and countries to learn about, and your specific international activities have then also provided the opportunity for student to student interaction. You have built and sustained good relationships with your partner schools, culminating in an actual visit by some of your students which provides an unforgettable real life experience of a different culture.

With such a good number of partners, you definitely have the potential in time to reach full Accreditation status, where you will need to demonstrate in detail the impact of your work on educational outcomes, so I would encourage you to continue and build on your current work within e-twinning, and embed this work into the curriculum. Congratulations on achieving the Intermediate Level.”

This is a fantastic achievement for the school and highlights our dedication to Internationalism and to ensuring our pupils receive a full and varied curriculum.

Well done to everyone involved!

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